The Avocado Export Company was founded with the mission to be the leader in fresh avocado export from Australia. Year round programmed supply, supported by technology driven producers and modern packing facilities ensures that our customers only receive the best and freshest avocados available.

We develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.

The Avocado Export Company (AEC) trading as AVOZ Exports is an Australian company based in Brisbane and owned by a group of avocado growers, packers and marketers across Australia.

The company represents approximately 60% of Australian avocado production with the main focus to export fresh avocados to international markets.

Export Markets

The AEC is actively pursuing markets that will accommodate their growing volumes available for export.

Our current markets include...

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • UEA


 All the packhouses pack to the same WQA standard and ensuring that we supply a uniform graded and packed product conforming to the highest quality standards in the industry.

The AEC is committed to growing the avocado category through strong relationships with our retail partners and by supporting our customers to develop a profitable supply chain.

We are confident that we can supply a consistent high quality well supported product to meet your requirements and help you grow your business with avocados.


Our Auspak Avocado brand has many new unique advantages...

  • Year round supply of premium grade avocado fruit.
  • Direct supply from packer ensures our customers are guaranteed to receive the freshest Australian avocados available.
  • Labelling according to the customers preference.
  • Packing and packaging materials to customer's requirements.
  • HACCP certified Quality Assurance accreditation.
  • Offering customised programs of supply via air and sea freight.

Why Import

  1. Largest supply base of avocados in Australia.
  2. Management has years experience in exporting fresh fruit
  3. Programmed supply
  4. Full count range of avocados
  5. Honesty and integrity.


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